Living Proof is the holy grail of haircare

Last month as I sat in a chair for a photoshoot I had a hair stylist pulling and teasing the hair on my head like no tomorrow. She was tonging, backcombing, hairspraying and scrunching until the roots of my hair were screaming for mercy. What we do in the name of fashion, I swear. Now, this all being said, the entire time this hair dresser was playing around with my long mane, I was spending all my time admiring hers. She had the most gorgeous fiery red hair that seemed to go on for ages. It swished and swayed like thick hair should and it looked so effortless as she threw it this way or that. I was green with envy, which incidentally matched the colour of her hair perfectly.

Just as the last piece of my hair was released from the curling iron, I turned and met her glance full on and begged to know her secret when it came to keeping such a fabulous head of hair. Her contagious laugh echoed and she told me that just months ago she was considering cutting off twelve inches and throwing it in the bin as her hair was in such bad condition. That was until a friend told her to give Living Proof a go. I knew I had heard of the brand before and as this hair goddess spoke about the transformation that took place with these products, for some reason Jennifer Aniston popped into my head. At the moment I didn’t know exactly why, maybe she used the products? Anywho, the hairdresser then insisted I smell her hair. This creeped me out a bit as frankly I find the scent of most hair pretty revolting. However, with one whiff (oh how wrong that sounds), I asked her where she knew a place I could go and buy the products immediately. Turns out Space NK stock the products.

So with trial sets in hand I went home to see if my hair would see the same results. As I sit here and type, it has been 24 hours since I washed my hair with Living Proof Restore and I am still enjoying beautiful bouncy, frizz free and fabulously scented locks. I’m not saying you should buy these products, I’m saying you HAVE TO buy these products. I’m a total convert. And in case you are wondering why Jennifer Aniston popped into my head, it’s because she’s not only the face of Living Proof, she’s also a part owner. The girl knows a good thing when she sees it. If you are into all the science mumbo jumbo with the brand, it’s worth heading over to their site to have a read. At the end of the day, however, I’m less interested in why it works and more focused on the fact that I have finally found a set of hair products that delivers ace results!

Living Proof is available to buy at Sephora in the US and Space NK in the UK.


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