Kmart’s ‘Ship my pants’ ad goes viral

Kmart’s ‘Ship my pants’ ad is approaching 10 million views on Youtube after being online for just six days. So why’s this particular video getting so much attention? Well, let’s be honest here… we all know what they are saying but not really saying. So Kmart has positioned itself as a company that can poke fun and play around with bathroom humour. And honestly, the more you are able to do this these days the faster your content seems to go viral. And that’s it really. Making such a joke is walking a fine line but if you can get it right the rewards seem endless. After looking through the nearly 10,000 comments on the ad, it’s clear this is an absolute winner with the digital generation.

This all being said, you can only see this video online at the moment. You most certainly would be up against a different group entirely should said ad make an appearance in primetime. Rumours are circulating that there is a TV ‘version’ coming soon.


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