It’s all about Beyonce’s Belly…

Last year the press were obsessed with Beyonce’s belly, baby belly that is, and it looks like 2013 will be yet another year dedicated to the fabulous midriff of Mrs. Beyonce Knowles. Shape Magazine showcased Beyonce looking rather fit and healthy on the cover of their April 2013 issue in a two piece bikini that screamed, “yes, I delivered a baby and look this good… what are you going to say about it?”

The May 2013 cover of Vogue UK, which was only just released today, isn’t that far off from Shape, as it seems the main topic of conversation is what’s happening there with the exposed skin in the middle of the frame. So ladies, when you’re giving your personal trainers the run down on how you want to look for the summer months ahead, just quote the “Beyonce Belly”… they’ll know the score. {Vogue UK / Shape}


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