The Bloggers Talk at Vogue Festival 2013 in London

What happens when you take three of the world’s leading fashion bloggers and put them on stage with an audience of over 150 men and women?… A year ago this would have been the start of a bad joke in the fashion world. Today, this is a reality. The world has changed so much so that a print publication, Vogue, finds bloggers worthy of their own panel at one of the leading fashion conferences of the year. Oh how the industry has evolved.

Susie Lau, Garance Dore and Anna Dello Russo all sat on stage today at Vogue Festival to talk about everything from why they started their blogs to the new ethics that surround running a media platform. 

The panel began by focusing in on Susie Bubble, aka Susie Lau. Susie is perhaps one of the world’s biggest bloggers. She started her site in March 2006 when fashion blogging was in its infancy. Her blog was one of the first to break through and grab the attention of everyone from high end designers to glossy rags. While Susie now does her blog as a full time activity, she originally started the site while working in advertising. Like so many of us, Susie started her blog as an outlet to share her passion for the world of style. She tells the audience she was uploading pictures of herself onto the blog in a time when such activity was considered weird or inappropriate. Well, her gamble certainly paid off. She could be seen as the women that led the charge in style bloggers taking over the style universe. 

The year 2006 was also a monumental year for Anna Dello Russo. This was the year she became a street style star. Scott Schuman of the Sartorialist had begun shooting Anna and posting pictures of her on his blog, that was growing in popularity. From this point on Anna Dello Russo became the Street Style Blog sweetheart. All of the sudden she was everywhere. Every blog, magazine and style column, featured Anna as a style leader. Her obsession with clothing was live and in technicolour. For Anna, this was almost a cathartic experience. It was ok for her obsession for fashion to be shared publicly. When we say obsession here, we mean serious obsession. She has one apartment for herself and another apartment for her clothes. So how does Anna feel about being photographed? Well, she couldn’t seem happier. She now feels as if her clothes are being documented properly and of course with every photograph her collection becomes more valuable, as she puts it.

And now on to the the beautiful Garance Dore who was sporting a fetching new haircut. Garance’s site is one I have enjoyed since the very beginning and as she is asked about its foundations I’m instantly reminded of why I started, and have yet to stop, reading this site. Garance tells us that her blog started and remains as a personal diary of things she finds beautiful and inspiring. Interestingly enough, when asked about magazines vs. online Garance spoke to the fact that she still indulges daily in mags but found it hard to connect with the magazines themselves earlier on. She always felt these people who created such beautiful images weren’t actually real. Could it be this is the reason the world has turned to blogs? We are making fashion more accessible. We’re giving you a sidewalk view of an industry that has typically tried to keep things on catwalk level. That’s just my two cents in there.

There were some interesting varying opinions on street style and fashion week. Of course Susie is one that has dressed the same whether it’s fashion week or a regular week. That’s who she is. When it comes to Anna, well it’s more or less the same. She only changes to do Yoga for which she wears Abercrombie sweats. Then there’s Garance who talks about things being a little too much at fashion week these days with so many people dressing more for the camera attention more than anything else. She says she finds inspiration less and less at each fashion week because of it. For those of you that were at Somerset House in February, you can easily sympathise with this sentiment. There were more people standing around dressed “interestingly”and hoping to be featured on a website then there were actual attendees for the shows. Fashion Week has truly become a circus and the folks that used to find inspiration on the cobblestone streets on Somerset House are looking elsewhere for style shots these days.

As the talk concluded and I made me way towards the exit I heard girls chatting in the aisles about the idea of the three of these women doing a fashion line together. I couldn’t help but smile and try to picture what a blend of Susie, Garance and Anna would look like. To be honest, with such varying tastes it could go either way. But who knows what’s next for this trio? They’ve already participated in completely changing the landscape of fashion and we can’t wait to see what they take on in the future.


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