Elle Quebec features an American plus size model on their May 2013 cover

Elle Quebec is joining the very short list of glossy magazines that have taken a risk and featured a plus size model on their cover. American model Justine LeGault sits on the cover of the May 2013 issue looking beautiful and confident. Is this sending a message to the fashion community? You betcha. Sadly, however, I feel most will see this as another ploy to sell magazines, which in fact it might just be.  

Not to bring a good moment down, but I do wonder why magazines always feel they need to feature plus size models with little or no clothes on. Although, speaking from experience, if you are anything other than a size six, it’s tough to find trousers for any shoot in the glossy world. Sample sizes just don’t work. Maybe that’s the dilemma here. Oh, if only designers would clue into the fact that real women come in every size, not just naughts. {Image: Elle Quebec Facebook}


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