Campaign for change: Dove shows women how they see themselves versus how the world sees them

When it comes to companies championing change in women, there are few that match up to Dove. This is a brand that has made it a mission to improve the way in which women view themselves and they aren’t stopping until every woman on earth looks in the mirror and sees something beautiful. That’s a tough task to take on, but someone has to do it. We’re in a bad way, ladies.

We are quite honestly horrible to ourselves and about ourselves these days. Ask a woman what she sees as beautiful about herself and most of us will stretch to think of one or two things to talk about. Conversely, ask a woman about things she’d love to change or things she hates about her body and you’ll be met with a laundry list of items.

Taking all this on board, Dove decided to show women how they see themselves versus how the world sees them. The results are outstanding and of course end in tears for many women who have, it seems, for so long seen something entirely different what every other person on earth sees. Watch, listen and please take this in. There is a message here and it’s an important one…


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