Breakfast with Hoss Intropia and Quentin Jones

A few weeks ago I had a the great privilege of sitting around a breakfast table with the Hoss Intropia family, members of the UK press and the very talented Quentin Jones. We were all gathered in the Kings Road Hoss Intropia to celebrate Quentin Jones as the latest Intropia woman for the brand. In addition to celebrating this fabulous union, we were also honoured to be the first to see another special project. As part of Quentin’s collaboration with Hoss Intropia, she was asked to design a special tote bag. This bag would be sold in stores for £60 and would benefit Creative Handicrafts.

For those of you unfamiliar with this charity, I’m proud to introduce you to a wonderful initiative that Hoss Intropia have been championing for sometime. In fact, the brand have actually been working hard to support this cause and have said very little to anyone about their involvement until now. Even when I prodded, they were reluctant to divulge too much information about how deep their involvement has run. This is what we call humility in the fashion world and it’s rare, very rare. They are not interested in shouting loud and proud about how they are giving back. Unlike many other brands, who will remain unnamed, they want to give back for the sake of giving back, not for media attention. Well tough luck, Hoss Intropia, as I’m shouting for you here loud and proud because you have done so much to help women in need and it’s high time the world knew about your efforts.

If you’d like to help Hoss Intropia support Creative Handicrafts, show your support by buying one of the limited edition totes and carrying it with pride knowing you are supporting a worthwhile cause. And of course you have the added bonus of carrying a tote that is seriously fashionable. It’s a feel good and look good situation here, folks.

The totes will be available to buy in London Hoss Intropia stores, in Bloomingdales in New York City and online from mid-May.


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