What She Wore: Nicole Kidman for Omega Ladymatic Launch in Vienna, Austria

Nicole Kidman put a whole room of fashionable women to shame this weekend in Vienna, and she repeated the exercise the following day causing hundreds of us to cry into over coffees over breakfast. Ok, that’s a total exaggeration, but you know what I mean. Kidman is gorgeous. Scratch that, she is positively magical.

On Saturday night Nicole Kidman greeted journalists, clients and VIPS at the Omega Ladymatic Gala launch in Vienna. She stood like a perfectly poured tall drink of water on stage as her Oscar de la Renta gown hugged all the right curves and swung gently around her as she moved. It’s no coincidence that Nicole Kidman was chosen to play Grace Kelly on the big screen, as this woman is every bit the glamourous yet gracious personality that we believed Grace Kelly to be.

If you hadn’t fallen in love with Nicole Kidman by the end of the night of the Gala, you were sure to fall head over heels in love as she sat for a full day of press junkets the following day in Vienna. Kidman sat elegantly with the President of Omega in a Nina Ricci skirt suit paired with Nicholas Kirkwood heels and, of course, her Omega Ladymatic watch. As Nicole sat on stage, fresh faced and smiling from ear to ear, she answered questions from dozens of journalists that wanted to know everything from her favourite time of day to what her favourite watch is.

We learned quite a bit about Mrs. Nicole Kidman at the press junket, however there were a few key facts that stood above the rest. For example, one might not know that Kidman’s favourite activity is daydreaming. She could drift off for hours just dreaming about the future and she encourages her own children to do so as well, as often as possible. We also learned that Nicole Kidman’s very punctual, which she says was a result of starting out in the industry very young and always learning that one had to be on time for everything.

Last but not least, Kidman shared intimate details of her family life, marriage and beautiful children. These, I believe, are best left uncovered. They were tender moments shared and at times I felt as if Kidman trusted us all too much with this information, which I am sure you will read about somewhere else in a completely mangled form… but not here.

I will share one moment that I thought was quite important. Nicole Kidman spoke at length about her “time” and role in this life. She brought up the idea of giving up acting to be with the family and then spoke of having a wonderful mother that encouraged her to keep “a toe” in pool for the future. Well, looks like we owe Momma Kidman a big thank you for encouraging her to do so as there are not one, but two big feature films starring Kidman that are in the works. 

Of course all this talk of time and how one spends it was centred around the Omega Ladymatic watch and it’s release. Kidman is celebrating nearly a decade of working with the brand and this new collection of watches is certainly something to scream and shout about. However, I have plenty to say myself about the new Omega Ladymatic so watch this space as there’s more to come…


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