Was Lara Stone’s wine glass i-D shot inspired by a vintage inflatable doll ad?

There’s an image of Lara Stone that’s been shared here, there and everywhere over the past week. A pregnant Lara Stone stands topless with only two rather large wine glasses keeping her “covered.” The photographer Tyrone Lebone and stylist Charlotte Stockdale created this now famous image for the Spring issue of i-D magazine. It is a beautiful and someone haunting image and one which had everyone talking, not only about the image itself, but once again about Stone’s crazy curves.

Now I had almost gone and forgotten the hype when I came across a post on Buzzfeed featuring “The Most Deceptive Ads in Advertising History.” The first vintage ad that popped up was one that looked very familiar. Although, as it was an ad for a blow-up doll, I did wonder why such an image would trigger a memory. Then it clicked. This was Lara Stone, only thirty years ago. Yes, it is nearly an identical image to the one we see of Lara Stone for i-D magazine.

Is the image a coincidence? Who knows… However, it is interesting to see where the great minds in fashion may find their inspiration. Why not look to ads of the past? One never knows where they’ll find great ideas.


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