Vogue Japan puts chair on model’s head for April 2013 cover

Folks browsing magazines in Japan this month may find themselves doing a double take as they glance over Vogue Japan April 2013. While the model Bette Franke is working the leading trend of the season, stripes, she is also working another trendy item that is completely unexpected. Franke is in fact wearing a chair on her head, accessorised by some Dolce & Gabbana earrings. Did I actually just write that her chair was accessorised with earrings? Moving on… The chair accessory actually appears to be a piece of furniture affixed to a wrap, which, technically speaking, makes this a headband. Watch out as Anna Dello Russo will probably be wearing it out and about next. Chairs as hair accessories, who would have ever thought we’d see the day? {Vogue Japan}


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