Twitter reacts to the Saint Laurent AW13 Show: From the confused to the down right angry

It’s been a strange 24 hours on twitter since Hedi Slimane showcased his second collection for Yves Saint Laurent. The autumn winter 2013 offering has caused a reaction stronger than anything else I have witnessed in my 10 seasons attending shows. From the outraged to the down right confused, Twitter has given us a bit of everything as far as reponses are concerned. I have to admit that some of their reactions made for very entertaining reading. In fact, I thought I’d let the twitterverse do the talking for this Saint Laurent review. So here we go. Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane, as reviewed by the many opinionated individuals on twitter.

Let’s kick off with the positive responses to the collection. Unfortunately, this won’t be a large section…

I love how everyone is getting twisted about #ysl. Hedi did what he does and I appreciated it. – John Barlett 

Personally, I liked the #SaintLaurent show. I just think people need to let go of Yves & embrace Hedi’s vision for the house & it’s future.Aamina Simone

Can’t wait for my personal #SAINTLAURENT order to be dispatched. I want it all! I want it NOW!!!Fedebrighi

Now let’s move on to those who felt betrayed, let down or just generally confused by what took place on the catwalk (including one chap that thinks Hedi Slimane is a woman).

The last time I was this confused by a runway show was when someone let Lindsay Lohan design for Ungaro #YSL #SaintLaurent #wtfAlaina Gul

I seriously hope Hedi Slimane is ashamed of what she has done…#cheap #YSL Kai Boardman

It’s not about for or against grunge, it’s about whether Hedi has the right to dismantle the codes of YSL. That’s the chaos. #saintlaurentTea O’Shay

Had nightmares that the #SaintLaurent show was total lumberjack grunge. Oh wait, this was real life. Elizabeth Tran

Then there’s the one woman who was so outraged she refused to even grace Pinterest with pictures of the Saint Laurent AW13 collection…

not even going to pin #saintlaurent, so repulsed i am about the collectionPetraOnStyle

Then come the brand comparisons, yes even poor Primark got roped into the mix…

Hedi Slimane makes Primark look like high fashion. #YSLMadame Editor 

Saint Laurent was a mess. An amalgamation of a lesser Jacobs meets Sui
collection, nostalgic for a bygone and rightfully buried era #ysl

And of course we have the tweet about the review we are all waiting to read… if it ever comes…

Can’t wait to read what @CathyHorynNYT has to say about #ysl #saintlaurentparis #saintlaurentparisVanessa Lee

And finally there are some tweets that go right for the jugular with Hedi…

Can someone tell #HediSlimane to just stick to #photography and leave #YSL?
Last collection is a cheesy disaster. Tell us it’s a joke!

The Parallax View

Poor lindsey wixson, her face was the prettiest thing about that entire #YSL show Joseph Gray

At the end of the day you could argue the idea that none of these opinions matter because they aren’t all from an “educated perspective”. But quite frankly speaking, that would be an uneducated view point in itself. In fact, these are consumers speaking and their voices are the most important in the industry. They are the ones holding the cash and credit cards that keep the companies ticking. Basically you don’t want to tick them off.

However, from my personal perspective, I feel quite perplexed by it all. One has to understand that the entire world has been left in the dark as to what Hedi Slimane’s brief was when it comes to Yves Saint Laurent. Was he told to shake things up and completely reinvent the brand? Perhaps he was and we’re all just being unduly harsh. However, if that is the case then allowing interviews would probably be the best way forward to explain the new look and feel of the brand. Everything is left under such a cloak of secrecy that we are all left to speculate and it hasn’t worked in the brands favour.

I’ll just leave you with one final thought. Hedi Slimane’s first season for Saint Laurent, spring summer 2013, was met with all sorts of harsh reviews. The critics were critical, the consumers got caught up with the critics and in the end it seems Hedi Slimane is having the last laugh. The spring summer collection is not half bad when seen piece by piece. It’s selling well and I think we may find the same for the autumn winter collection once the styling is broken down and the pieces are allowed to speak for themselves. Let’s wait and not kill off Hedi at YSL, I mean Saint Laurent, just yet. I remain hopeful.

So that’s where I’m sitting at the moment, with hope for the future.


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