Taking a closer look at the beautiful Estee Lauder Madmen Collection

I know I’ve already covered the news angle that Estee Lauder have come out with a beautiful collection to celebrate Madmen. Just saying that up front in case you thought I’d officially lost the plot on what I have and haven’t written yet.

After actually getting a closer look at the collection I just had to share with you some detail shots. The packaging is truly stunning, from the vintage Estee Lauder print for the box and compact cover, to the soft gold leather carry case. They really didn’t spare any expense in covering every little detail. In truth, I feel as if I should save these pieces rather than using them for daily makeup. Is that terrible? They’re just too beautifully put together. That being said, I think this will be something decadent to pull out during the daily grind. Everyone needs a little something shiny and new to perk up the day and now I have mine. {Shop the Estee Lauder Madmen Collection}


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