Stockholm’s finest teach us a thing or two about layering

Don’t be alarmed, you are still reading FFG. I know you aren’t used to seeing men’s fashion on the site but these images were too extraordinary not to share. As you may remember, I was in Stockholm for fashion week last month and while women’s fashions were the main focus of the week, there were some men’s looks thrown into the mix. Two, in particular, are worthy of a special mention. While at the J. Lindeberg show, two handsome men marched out in outfits that had me wishing I could take the clothes right off their backs and transfer them straight into Mr. FFG’s wardrobe. Ok, admit you thought I was going somewhere else with the start of that sentence.

Anyway, I must admit that I believe I’m sharing these images not just for the men out there but also for the ladies. Men, take note of the fantastic ways in which J. Lindeberg layers his men to perfection. So many lessons to be learned here. Women, just take a moment to appreciate the men themselves in all their perfection.


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