Something for the Southerners… Southern Belle Mousse from Drybar

Last week I was in New York City for 36 hours, as you probably have already read. Whether I’m in NYC for two weeks or 12 hours, I always make time to visit one place that is dear to my heart- Drybar. This is my little treat to myself whenever I’m in Manhattan. I go in for a special hour of “me time” where I choose my hair style from a menu that resembles a cocktail list and I let the stylist work her magic. There’s always a girlie movie playing on the flatscreen TV in front of me so I usually zone out and wait for the big reveal at the end. However, this trip I was completely preoccupied by the new products that were on display in front of me. There was one product in particular which I knew I wouldn’t be leaving without.

Southern Belle is a mousse released in the brand new product range for Drybar, which basically gives you that big hair Southern gal look. You know what I’m talking about here, Southern ladies. You are only as good as your hair is big.

So I currently have two bottles in the house. There’s one in my vanity and another proudly sitting on the bathroom shelf where I can always see it. Call me sentimental but it makes me smile. Here’s a product that is named after the homeland. What’s not to love. Oh, and did I forget to mention that it actually delivers the results it promises as well?

For those of you looking to buy the product but not wanting travel to Manhattan to do so, it’s available to purchase now on Sephora. It’s all about Southern Pride!

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