Readers’ request: Where is Jennifer Garner’s necklace from?

So I’ve had a few emails over the past couple of days from readers asking me if I knew what necklace Jennifer Garner has been wearing out and about town to accessorize her “everyday” look. Well, the easy answer is, “I haven’t a clue.” However, after looking around I have found one or two pieces that closely resembled Jennifer Garner’s necklace. The one that seems to come closest in style is from Anthropologie, coming in at £28. It’s a Triflora Necklace, basically a trio of three golden roses, and it’s surprisingly low priced considering where it’s being sold. I do believe Jennifer Garner’s necklace is either silver or platinum, but again, this is the closest I could find to what you are all looking for. So go forth and copy-cat that style. Our romantic side likes to imagine that said necklace was a gift from Ben Affleck to celebrate their three children, but then again that could just be us being total saps.


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