Princess Diana’s dress, worn for a waltz with John Travolta, sells for £240,000

Kerry Taylor Auctions in London held an auction two days ago that had Princess Diana fans rushing to the city. The auction featured several dresses from Princess’s Diana wardrobe, and quite a few that are easily recognizable. The top seller on the day was a dress we are all too familiar with as it was made famous by a very unique moment when Princess Diana took to the dance floor with John Travolta. The year was 1985 and Prince Charles and Princess Diana were making their first official visit together to the White House. You can only imagine the media frenzy surrounding such an outing (just think back to Kate and Will’s recent trip to the USA and you’ll get some sort of idea of how monumental this moment was). Princess Diana chose to wear a Victor Edelstein gown for the big gala dinner paired with Royal Jewels. While you would think Diana was the star of the show on the evening, it seems she herself had her eyes on a bigger celebrity.

In the Kerry Taylor auction catalogue, the cataloguer describes the memorable moment John Travolta and Princess Diana spent together on the dance floor and the events that led up to this unforgettable photograph:

Unusually, Mr Travolta had not been invited with a companion but he soon
understood the reason why. Afterwards, in an interview with chat show
host Andrew Denton, he described how Nancy Reagan quietly took him aside
and whispered that Princess Diana had only one wish on this American
trip – and that it was to dance with him! At midnight with a little
prompting from the First Lady and with his heart pounding, he crossed
the floor. He recalls, ‘She turned around and she did that look that she
did so, so beautifully and I asked if she would care to dance and she
said she’d love to and we danced for twenty minutes to a medley of
‘Grease’ and ‘Saturday Night Fever.’..I was on cloud nine. She has great
rhythm. We did spins and turns. We did a kind of modern fox-trot and
she followed me very well. ‘Maybe some day we’ll get to do this in a
less-watched situation’, I said near the end. ‘That would be great’, she
replied. Then, as everybody applauded, he thanked her. He described the
experience as being ‘like a fairytale’. 

Honestly, you can’t dream this stuff up. What a fabulous story. We certainly weren’t alone in thinking this was a magnificent moment worthy of recognition. The Victor Edelstein dress was purchased by an anonymous male bidder in the room who declared he was buying the dress for his wife to cheer her up.

Forget about the dress, where do we find a husband willing to part with £240,000 just to put a smile on his wife’s face?

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