My perfect Mother’s Day present for 2013… it’s done and dusted!

 Just in case you are a new reader, I suppose I should explain a few things before I go any further with this post. I am an American living in London. I’ve been here for over a decade but I travel back to the USA so frequently that I still feel it’s just as much a home as London these days. Since I’ve been in the UK so long I’ve had to adjust to a few things. I’ve lost my southern accent, made peace with the rather unfortunate weather and come to terms with the fact that a few key holidays happen at different times over here. Take Mother’s Day, for example. In the USA, I’m used to Mother’s Day happening in May. It was like that for 20 years of my life and my mother is American so I had a good thing going remembering the date and pampering accordingly. However, upon arriving in the UK I came to discover that Mother’s Day takes place here in March. So what does this mean for Momma Goose? Well, it means she gets double the celebration basically. So when she came to visit at the start of February I thought I had better get to the March Mother’s Day spoiling while I could. 

As I believe my mother can never be too pampered, I thought a facial at London’s premiere skincare facility might go down a treat. She’d just come off a rather rough and long flight from the Carolinas and was feeling the pain of jetlag. I let her sleep it off and the next morning we were up bright and early to head in to QMS Medicosmetics for a mother daughter treat. Oh yes, I was getting one too. In preparation for Fashion Week I was going to need all the help I could get. 

For those of you unfamiliar with QMS, let me give you a fast rundown. This place is where skin miracles happen in London. I’m not kidding. The founder, Dr. Erich Schulte is actually a world renowned surgeon and a man who has made it his life’s mission to bring effective skincare to the world. Just one look as his family and you’ll realise that he’s done the deed. His daughter was leaving just as I was and I was experiencing intense skin envy.

The clinic itself is not what you would expect in a spa environment. In fact, I would say it’s more like visiting an actual doctor’s office. It’s all very clinical and professional and you really feel as if you are going in more to be evaluated and healed appropriately rather than pampered and prodded. I do love that sort of vibe as I’m so over the dark rooms and heavily scented candles often associated with facials these days. How can the specialists even see what they are doing? Anyway, it was a true joy for me to experience and Momma Goose felt the same. In fact, she was so happy she asked if she could contribute a few words to the review I told her I would write. So without further ado, I give you my mom’s first contribution to the site-

I never know what to expect when I book a
trip to London to be with my daughter.She always has a surprise or two up her
sleeve and I always come back to the States babbling about our adventures.

On this particular trip, just one month
shy of my 64th birthday, Em had booked us for facials at QMS Medicosmetics.I am not one to coddle myself, this being
only my second facial EVER (the first was a gift from my son and
daughter-in-law 7 years ago).Admittedly, I was afraid thatthe
skin specialist would be horrified at the condition of my face.

We arrived at the skincare spa and I
was escorted into the “laboratory” by a lovely young lady, Ingrid, who DID have
a most beautiful complexion.I was
hoping that her glow was the result of the technicians practicing on each
other, and looked forward to my results.I was NOT disappointed.What
followed was a luxurious 90 minutes of pampering and skin care education.From the heated bed and the soothing
background music, to the sound of Ingrid mixing concoctions to slather on my
face, it was definitely a relaxing experience.I was not afraid to walk out the door with no makeup on my face, I was
PROUD!And the migraine I had been
fighting off all day was gone.A much
appreciated second prize!Once again,
Emily had made my trip memorable., after all these years she can still find
something new to make my UK visits something I want to repeat.I will NOT wait another 7 years to repeat
this wonderful experience.

There you have it folks, the seal of approval from both mother and daughter. A huge thank you to QMS Medicosmetics for helping me with the surprise. I’ve been asked to make this a regular thing and mom’s back in April so you’ll see us again very soon! 

QMS Medicosmetics

43 Cadogan Gardens, London, SW3 2TB, +44 (0) 20 7730 8090


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