Living the dream… getting all my manicures done at home now!

Time is an issue for me these days. There doesn’t seem to be enough of it and it’s not getting any easier. If you need a reminder of why this is such an issue, read my “A day in the life …” However, I am finding ways to make life flow a little better and it’s coming mostly from asking for help. There are many examples to share but I feel the following is the most pressing.

The other day as I was boarding a flight to Stockholm I happened to glance over at a friend’s nails that were perfectly polished and had total envy over how she found time to go to the salon with her schedule being so similar to mine. Instead of just sitting there in a jealous state, I asked her how she had time to fit that in? Her response showed me just how in the dark I am when it comes to modern conveniences. She explained that she had a trusted mobile nail company, Perfect 10,  that came to the house when she needed upkeep. And not only did these guys come to her house for manicures and pedicures, they also came to give massages and facials. So basically the only time you are out of commission involves the time needed for the treatment, no travel. And… most treatments are actually better priced than those you would find in a salon. Hello, winner!

I made a mental note of the new helpful hands company and went on with life. Then I found myself 24 hours out from attending the BAFTAs. Having had no time for hair, nails or anything else, I decided to take a risk and call Perfect 10 for an emergency nail session. They came to my house at 1pm on the day of the BAFTAs and gave me a set of nails to proudly put on display as I walked the red carpet that evening. The therapist was kind, gentle and damn good at her job. She was in and out in under 45 minutes and I didn’t have to do a thing. She brought everything that was needed with her and the experience as a whole was better than any salon visit I’ve ever had. Truly, there’s nothing better than the comfort of your own sofa for these things.

So here I am, having sworn off all manicures and pedicures that take place outside my home for the time being, and feeling pretty darn smug about the whole thing. More than anything, this is a thank you letter to my friend (who shall remain unnamed as she’s “sort of a big deal” 😉 ) and to Perfect 10 for showing me the error of my ways when it comes treatments and travel.


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