FFG Travel: A weekend at the Ritz Carlton Vienna

I had to be practically dragged out of the Ritz Carlton Vienna kicking and screaming this weekend. From the moment I walked in I felt at home. Only I should mention up front that my home is nothing like this palatial heaven. This is the home I’ve spent my spare time dreaming about, from entrance to exit.

For me, a hotel’s rating begins the moment your cab arrives at the front door. In some of the hotels I’ve recently reviewed, it seems that someone greeting you on the curb may be treatment that’s overlooked these days. However, this was certainly not the case at the Ritz Carlton Vienna. When our cab pulled up we had a handsome gentleman opening the door mere moments after the driver had put the car into park.

As we were speaking English when the door swung open, our “greeter” immediately switched into our native language to welcome us and assure us all that luggage would be taken care of. One of the ladies tried to carry her luggage down the stairs and the attendee nearly tripped over himself in removing the bag from her grasp. No lady at the Ritz Carlton carries her luggage down a flight of stairs. I could definitely get used to this old school way of treatment.

Check in was a breeze. It was so seamless it felt almost as if I really was coming home with only a key to contend with. A quick pop in the lift and a journey through a long corridor and I arrived at my room: the Junior Suite 333. There’s no point in me mincing my words here. I do believe the excitement in my voice in the following video says it all…

I would like to also mention that we had both breakfast and lunch in the hotel and both meals were absolutely fantastic. Many too rightly shy away from dining in hotels these days, but I must say it is an experience worth having while staying at the Ritz Carlton Vienna.

A big thank you again to Omega, who hosted Fashion Foie Gras at the Ritz Carlton Vienna this past weekend.


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