Anti-Ageing Skin Saviours: Perricone MD, Estee Lauder and Lemons!

In two weeks I add yet another year to my age. That’s right, I have a birthday coming up. Yes, I’m still at an age where parties are necessary (I hope I never reach an age where they aren’t). So you can expect a post-birthday sluggish reporting day in the not too distant future. However, my reason for mentioning the birthday comes with a different agenda this year. In the year 2013, I, Emily Johnston, have finally had to embrace an anti-ageing skin regime. I began my new morning & night skin activity experimentation last year. I went through some rather dyer straits when it comes to skin reactions and finally, in January of this year, I found a combination that seems to work. It involved a lot money and time in experimenting but I think I may have discovered an ideal combination to fight the natural order of ageing.

Let me explain first that I have made a promise to myself that I will not go down the Botox or filler route. It’s not for me. A good friend of mine explained that Botox and fillers more often than not mess up the beautiful symmetry found naturally in the face. It’s often not noticeable until the face is photographed. So that is not a route I’m going down. Instead, the following five products and one early morning trick are my best friends. This combination has not only resulted in healthier looking skin in general, it has also helped clean up a few early wrinkles around the eye area and forehead.

1. Hot water and lemon.

I used to wake up and head straight for coffee. Starbucks was my guilty pleasure and to an extent still is, only now later in the day. Then I heard about the benefits of hot water and lemon. Every morning it is now the first thing I drink, before I do anything else. The benefits from this act are endless. Not only does it cleanse the body, therefore giving you a healthy glow, it has also been known to help with digestion and speeds up your metabolism. It also helps keeps things like Fashion Flu at bay! This is a daily must for me. 

2. Dr Perricone please!

I am addicted to Dr. Perricone’s products. I consider these one of my best investments. I have used his Cold Plasma for as long as I can remember. It is what I call my “unhealthy lifestyle” eraser. It helps my skin forgive and forget all the evil ways in which I have neglected it over the years. I got hooked on it after watching endless youtube videos of women who claimed it solved every skin problem they had ever experienced. And guess what? They were right… it really does! It lights, firms, brightens, corrects, nourishes, cleans… etc,etc. Basically it does everything a skin treatment can. It’s what I call my “Plastic Surgeon in a bottle.”

Now, I partner my Cold Plasma with Dr Perricone’s newest product – Blue Plasma. I suppose the best way to describe this is as a daily acid peel that you leave on and that doesn’t leave you looking like Samantha from Sex & The City. We all remember the scene… at Carrie’s book launch? Remember? Anywho, it’s a miracle worker and it’s definitely had some miracles to work on with this facial canvas. It basically clears out the old and makes room for the new. Oh, Dr. Perricone how I love you!

Perricone MD Cold Plasma {£123 / $155}
Perricone MD Blue Plasma {£78 / $95}

3. Estée Lauder’s elf like evening magic

Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair and Eye Serum: I often call these two products my hard working elves. I once told my friend’s daughter that each little bottle contained hard working ingredients that, like little elves, come out every night and work on repairing the damage on my face as I sleep. She told me they were fairies, not elves. Whoops! Anyway, they sure do work hard as I slumber and they get fewer and fewer hours to work their magic as the year progresses, yet somehow they still manage to find the time to repair what’s needed and I wake up looking fresh and glowy. 

I need to know that I have something working on my skin issues while I sleep and thus far I’ve found this duo is the perfect combo for the task at hand. There’s a lot of technical reasons why and I could go on and on in describing them but I’m afraid I’d put you to sleep. Let’s just say that the science is there and the results are stunning. The research that has been done and the trials that have been run all prove that this is one of the best set of products on the market for keeping us ladies looking young for as long as physically possible. Frankly, that’s my end goal here and they deliver so there’s no arguing here!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair {£73 / $84}

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum {£45 / $62}

So there you have it. I’ve no secrets left. These are my products that I swear by and use without fail, morning and night. It’s a lot, but I’m all about doing what’s needed to keep things looking good. With the technology that’s available in skincare these days, there’s really no excuse not to!


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