10 Karl Lagerfeld facts revealed in the latest Laura Brown interview

Harper’s Bazaar’s Laura Brown caught up with Karl Lagerfeld after the Chanel show this month and got all the details on life from sleeping to taking a bow on the Chanel runway. Here are the top ten facts we pulled from the interview itself, in which Laura Brown interestingly seems to talk to Karl Lagerfeld more like a child than a grown man…

1. Karl Lagerfeld’s best ideas come when he sleeps so he sleeps with a pad of paper next to his bed. Apparently he is also professional when he sleeps… whatever that means. It’s Karl. The man can say whatever and we’ll all still smile and swoon.
2. He does not think he is “King of The World.”
3. He thinks his cat is THE most famous cat in the world.
4. Choupette, Karl’s cat, has her hair done three times a day. 
5. Karl’s best ideas come to him when he is standing.
6. When asked about taking his bow at shows, Karl Lagerfeld surprises us all in revealing he feels like a “victim” in what he is subjected to from the bow to the two and a half hours of interviews after the show.
7. Lagerfeld always eats the same thing… steamed vegetables, steamed fruit and steamed fish. Wait a minute, did he say “steamed fruit”?
8. Karl hates the idea of being an actor. He likes just playing himself.
9. If Karl were invisible he would be a robber… interesting.
10. And finally, apparently Karl claims he has no eyes… well, that would explain the glasses.



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