Working new arm candy and a fresh start with Swarovski

Yesterday I Instagrammed a picture of a fresh wrist and a new start with a gorgeous pink bracelet. I had decided to wipe the former “arm candy” clean and start with a fresh start for the new year.

My wrist has been running empty since January 1 and I have been waiting for the right item to start off the new decoration. Said item landed in my lap yesterday and it’s kicking off a new, brighter year. Who do I have to thank for this? None other than the wonderful folks over at Swarovski. They sent this little beauty over and I love that it signifies, for me at least, a new start and bright future ahead. Stay tuned to find out who receives the next invitation to sit on my wrist for 2013 (Good God, that sounds cheesy).  {Tosha Pink Bracelet from Swarovski £49}


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