Vitamin LouBi… Christian Louboutin’s window cure for the winter blues

If you’ve walked past your local Christian Louboutin shop lately you will have noticed the windows sporting a shiny new concept. In fact, you might have scratched your head wondering why your local pharmacy had replaced your favourite shoe store. Look a little bit closer.

Those giant packs of pills, filled with “Vitamin LouBi” are actually advertising the best cure we know to exist for those down-in-the-dumps winter blues. If only every doctor would prescribe a LBD and a pair of Louboutins to fix the seasonal depression problem. And if only the NHS would pay for such a prescription to be filled!

Now my only question is, what are they doing with the sets when they’re done? I wouldn’t mind having a permanent Vitamin LouBi box in my house to remind me there’s a cure found for every ailment inside a beautiful red soled shoe.

Images: Oscar Chang Anderson


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