This morning I woke up to a delivery of an edible chocolate box

I love a good surprise and there’s no better suprise than hearing your doorbell ring and finding you have a delivery, all the while having no clue who it’s from. Such was the case this morning as a polite gentleman placed in my hands a beautiful and delicate grey box from Aubaine. Now of course I have to explain that Aubaine is where I have nearly every breakfast meeting. What can I say? I’m a sucker for their Eggs Royale.

Anywho, this little box arrived and let’s just say my breakfast was made up of a different sort of food group this morning. I do now firmly believe that everyone should wake up to raspberry and pistachio macarons presented in an edible chocolate box. However, this is actually a Valentine’s Day treat. Aubaine sent one to the offices of FFG to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” and they’ve informed us that anyone can purchase this item in the restaurant to gift to someone they love on Cupid’s favourite day.

Now I really must dash as there’s a treadmill with my name on it now.


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