There’s something different about the St. John woman for Autumn Winter 2013

Is anyone else starting to see some trends developing here? Autumn Winter 2013 is bringing out the furry, leather sleeved side of us all. These are two big trends for coats in the season to come: fur and leather sleeves. Work them both together and you’ve got a winner on your hands. If this is in fact the recipe for success in AW13, St. John will see a few of their presented looks sell out instantly.

The St. John lady is as sophisticated as ever but she’s approaching autumn winter with a new flare for fashion with a younger feel. It’s still a polished and wise look, but there’s something more daring about this collection. Perhaps it’s the shocking electric blue accent or the sleeveless fur and leather gilet, but there was something that had “different” stamped all over it for this brand. Yes, there are still the pieces that cater to an older generation without rocking an existing clientele. However, there’s a definite ability to reach a wider demographic with this presentation of looks.

On my wishlist: The leather and fur gilet and the electric blue belted poncho.


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