The Cambridge Satchel Company comes to Covent Garden

This evening, London welcomed The Cambridge Satchel Company to the bricks & mortar family. Yes, the online handbag company with a cult like following has set up shop in London‘s Covent Garden. Located just off the Seven Dials, on 15 Short Gardens, this store is everything you would expect from the handbag company that’s seen more action at fashion weeks than any other brand that comes to mind. It’s been the bloggers’ bag of choice for several seasons now and the momentum with which this brand grows shows no signs of slowing. 

There were definitely a few surprises in store for us this evening. For example, to say thank you to the bloggers that have helped lift up the brand, the founder dedicated an entire floor of the new space to a “Bloggers Lounge.” No, this space isn’t just for fashion week. It’s an actual floor where bloggers can come at any point during the year to sit for a coffee, use a laptop, jump on wifi or borrow a bag. Yes, there is a special “lending library” for the blogosphere’s finest.

This is truly a shop like no other and we haven’t even started talking about the product yet. Although I sort of feel like I don’t have to say much. The product speaks for itself. For those of you that own a Cambridge Satchel, you know what I mean. These are bags that stand the test of time, and for me, stand the test of fashion week which usually leaves my bags looking like they’ve been through a world war.

A huge congratulations to all of those at The Cambridge Satchel Company. We’re wishing you all the success in the world with the new space. Now I just hope you don’t get sick of us popping in regularly to check out the lending library and espresso machines.


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