Temperley’s timeless approach to fashion rules the runway for yet another season

When it comes to Temperley London, I always find myself leaving the shows feeling terribly inadequate. I mean this in the nicest possible way and I do hope Alice Temperley takes it as such. The glamour and “high society” look and feel of every collection makes one want to live a life that is full of cocktail parties and black tie dinner events. Even the casual wear makes you think this is a line of clothing designed for the Jackie Os amongst us today. It is on another level of sophistication and I want whatever special key that was handed out at the beginning of life that grants you access.

From wide leg trousers and chunky knit sweaters to dresses that swept the runway floor, each and every look is one which takes you away from present day. Truly, in watching Alice Temperley’s collections you forget where you are and often times what decade you exist in. Many of these dresses could easily be worn by Betty Draper’s character in Mad Men, yet each and every one is relevant in today’s fashion marketplace. In fact, I do believe there’s a Hollywood actress or two that would greatly benefit from looking to Temperley for red carpet dresses this season.

So the greatest dilemma here is not in finding trouble in what to pick but rather where to find the closet space to put it all. I definitely want to be a Temperley girl come September 2013. Who knows, maybe they’ll even be a Temperley white wedding dress in my future (is that tempting fate too much?)?


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