Skinny jeans weren’t skinny enough… now we have “meggings”

Meggings… they are happening. In fact, they are so “happening” that ABC news have actually done a feature on the new fashion trend. One reporter took a group of men into H&M in New York City to see how they would react to wearing the new item of clothing that is apparently flying off shelves in the big apple.

As the group came out of their dressing rooms looking like stunt doubles for Robin Hood’s Men in Tights, it seems there was a clear divide between who was in and who couldn’t wait to get out of them. When asked if they would go out on the streets in these “meggings,” it seems only a few were willing to embrace the look and work it on the sidewalk. The one who loved them explained that it was the skinny jean that led him to the megging. Really? Skinny jeans just weren’t skinny enough?

Honestly, guys, we need you to be able to help us reproduce at some point. I know the baggy jeans got to be a little too baggy back in the Marky Mark days, but surely squeezing things so tight that we can clearly tell who’s packing or lacking can’t be good for the reproductive bits. And from a single straight girl’s perspective, it doesn’t really cause the heart to race.

We may be seeing meggings on every men’s catwalk going but that does not mean it’s a trend you have to embrace. There have been plenty of women’s trends that we have just politely smiled through and said “thanks for the good show.” I do believe this should fall into the same category for men. But that’s just my humble opinion… if you have another, feel free to share.


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