Press Clippings: FFG in London’s Metro this morning

A huge thank you to all of my lovely friends who tweeted at me this morning with pictures of today’s feature in the Metro. I had forgotten this was coming out and was overwhelmed with lovely messages on both email and twitter from commuters who had seen the paper.

I guess this is considered somewhat of a coming out, as it were. I have never discussed here that I had a job in PR for seven years before starting the blog, and I certainly never spotlighted the fact that I was sleeping a mere three hours a night to make sure that I kept FFG going through the three years I stayed with my day job.

This article was written in the Metro in conjunction with a new book that has been released about making it as a blogger. Truth be told, there is nothing easy about doing so. I  talk herewith about the bloggers I know that have been doing this for five to ten years and all will tell you the same thing… they worked hard, very hard. Most worked so hard that their blogs have truly become their life and many are lucky enough to call it their day job.

What lies ahead for FFG… who knows? The reporter asked me where I saw myself in ten years with Fashion Foie Gras and my almost too honest answer was “I simply don’t know.” That’s probably why he didn’t print it.  In a world where digital is changing every single second, that’s all any of us really can say. But I know that there are those of you that want this and you want it bad enough to give everything you have to make it so. I certainly don’t believe I stand from a position to say, “look, I did it and so can you,” because I’m not sure what really counts as “I did it.” I quit my day job to pursue a dream, yes. But I don’t know what’s around the corner. We never can know.

So I will say for now that I am eternally grateful for the support you all lend on a daily basis and I do hope I can continue to provide a service to you in return for your daily participation here by working just as hard every day as I did the first day.


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