New Mulberry collection celebrates business expansion in Britain

You’ll be seeing a lot of Mulberry‘s Willow Collection over the next few months. In fact, you’re probably already pretty familiar with these styles because celebrities have been seen carrying them here, there and everywhere. We’ve spotted Kate Moss, Lily Collins, Kate Mara and more all strutting their stuff with the Willow bags close by their side.

While this collection is truly timeless and gorgeous to boot, it’s the British angle that has us celebrating its origins. The Willow Collection is actually named after the second Mulberry factory that will open in Somerset this year. The Factory is called The Willows… see the connection?

This is a bag that is through and through British. So yes, it does make you walk with a bit more spring in your step knowing you are supporting your local artisans and a brand that truly does care about how and where their goodies are made.

Mulberry, a huge congrats on continuing to bring eyes back to Britain when it comes to fine craftsmanship and incredible talent in design. We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us at LFW.


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