L’Wren Scott’s first runway show in London is one to remember

The fashion world, as I have known it for the past few years, creates moments that are made to stand the test of time, sometimes in small doses and others in moments that are often too overwhelming to process. Today, L’Wren Scott introduced a moment into London Fashion Week that will now challenge the way in which every other show is experienced. Today, L’Wren Scott not only introduced us all to her collection, she also wined and dined us in the process This, folks, is of course how we all wish every show at London Fashion Week could be. Although, with that being said, such indulgences would lead to the size zero trend quickly ending as we’d all be larger than houses after just one season.

Held in the super luxurious One Great George Street in London,  we entered the great space where we were greeted by some of the handsomest men in London and handed a glass of champagne as we made our way to our seats. This was not a difficult landscape to navigate as their couldn’t have been more than 120 guests in total seated for lunch. Actually, 120 for lunch sounds like an incredible number, but when comparing to an average fashion show that often times triples or even quadruples this number, you’ll understand why 120 sounds intimate.

Upon finding my seat and settling in next to some of the most charming women in the industry, I looked up to see that we were directly across from Mick Jagger who was sandwiched in between Anna Wintour and Daphne Guinness (who arrived looking quite chic, Beats headphones around her neck and all). Jagger proved himself as quite the entertainer as he repeatedly caused Anna Wintour to laugh out loud, with teeth. Mick Jagger is of course the partner to the woman of the hour, Miss L’Wren Scott. Throughout the show he was seen snapping away excitedly on his iPhone (with a blue croc cover) as model after model walked down the runway. It was all done in a supportive and loving way and was definitely an adorable display of affection and his face genuinely lit up as L’Wren Scott greeted her adoring public at the show’s end.

But, before any fashion was on display, there was of course the lunch. It would be unjust to leave this wonderful luncheon without a mention or two about the food. Obviously keeping Great Britain in mind when planning the menu, we were served Shepherd’s Pie for lunch, only this was the most delicious Shepherd’s Pie that had ever crossed my lips. Who ate and who left their plates fashionable untouched shall remain a secret for the dining hall. However, I can say that there were plenty of smiles and “mmm” sounds coming from my side of the room. I also had a little bird whisper in my ear that 132 ketchup bottles had been brought in specially for this luncheon, all provided with the help of the beautiful Claridges. Honestly, the work that goes into these productions is absolutely amazing.

Now on to the reason we had all gathered in these phenomenal surroundings. L’Wren Scott was showcasing her collection for the first time in London, a place she calls home and has done for some time. If ever there were a way to make sure you left your mark on us all here in London, it was with this collection. From the first model out to the last model’s exit, I found this collection simply stunning. There was a great concentration on coats, although that should come as no surprise for autumn winter. However, these coats were cut in a way that only L’Wren Scott is capable of producing. They were decadent and over the top, yet highly desirable and worth waiting for. Then there were the dresses. One can’t help but think of Nicole Kidman stepping out in several of the floor sweeping gowns presented. Although she may have to fight for her right to these garments as stylists will surely line up to claim first dibs on several looks.

In the end, this will be a show that I will not soon forget. Yes, I was seduced by the hospitality presented, but it was the collection, in the end, that hooked me in for the foreseeable future.


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