Kate Spade Autumn Winter 2013 from New York Fashion Week

You know that phrase “Don’t take life too seriously, no one gets out alive”? Well, that’s what I think of when I look at Kate Spade’s collections season after season. This is a collection that not only is above and beyond stylish and relevant, it also has a sense of humour. And truly, if you can’t smile when you’re getting dressed in the morning I do believe you are missing a trick.

For autumn winter 2013, the styles may have changed but the game remains the same.  Kate Spade presented a collection that already has my wallet shaking in fear. From printed trousers to oversized winged totes, my eye was darting from one purchase to the next. However, there were a few items that stuck out from the pack for their original look and feel. Take, for example, the Taxi high heels. Yes, these are heels that resemble a taxi cab and perfectly so. It might sound completely out of left field, but these bad boys will look perfect with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a white button down. Then there’s the Taxi clutch that has a little surprise on reverse (all wonderful details we have become accustomed to with Kate Spade).

While the eye was often led down to the feet of the models, check out the tuxedo shoe below, and also what they clutched in hand, we spent a great deal of time concentrating on the details in the garments. Cardigan sweaters with prints of cat eye sunglasses in the faux pocket, lip prints from skirts to trousers and giant doughnuts decorating chic sweatshirts were all highlights from the Kate Spade wardrobe for autumn winter 2013.

In short, I guess I don’t have to say that this was an instant favourite. I’ve been such a huge fan of this brand for so long and seeing yet another collection that is this magnificent just cements my loyal following for everything Kate Spade.


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