Harper’s Bazaar Russia cover features a controversial Dolce & Gabbana burlap-sack dress

Back in September, Dolce & Gabbana presented a collection for Spring Summer 2013 that had the fashion world divided. I will freely admit that my review was positive. I loved the play on the “burlap-sack.” All I could think of was the phrase I used to hear when someone was referring to a beautiful woman- “that woman would look good in anything, even a burlap-sack.” Dolce & Gabbana took that a step further and made a burlap-sack dress that would make any woman with a waist and an otherwise enviable figure look amazing.

Now, here’s where the controversy comes in. Many viewed this collection and immediately attacked the brand for using images that represented slavery. Black faces decorated dresses and hung from the ears of models that swanned down the catwalk just thinking it was another day at work. Little did they know that their faces would then be front and centre in the news with the words “slave earrings” running just next to their perfectly made up faces. 

But never fear, as Dolce & Gabbana cleared up the controversy in a flash stating the images were actually meant to depict Moorish figures, aka the conquerors of Sicily. Everyone backed off a little and agreed that this all made sense in the end. The fashion divide closed in and many were able to step back and appreciate the collection for what it was, a beautiful representation of the brand and their always stunning visuals.

And that, of course, brings us where we stand today, in front of a beautiful March 2013 cover for Harper’s Bazaar Russia. What you see before you is of course the burlap-sack dress in question. It is truly a magnificent visual, controversy or not. But I am curious, dear reader, as to what you think about the cover. Too much of a risk or a beautiful result?


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