Charlotte Olympia’s “Ooh La La” flats are a spring summer essential

Charlotte Olympia’s “La Vie en Rose” collection is made for those who have an unwavering love for all things Parisian. There are very few people in this world, I believe, that don’t give a little swoon at the thought of Paris. Whether it’s a weekend jaunt or a more temporary move, this magical landscape truly can change a girl forever. I, for one, am constantly in awe of the city and all her hidden secrets that seem to be unlocked one by one with each visit. Truly, you never know what you will discover…. which leads me back to these beauties from Charlotte Olympia.

If Paris is the second greatest love affair of your life, or maybe even your first, I do believe you’ll love these cute flats from Charlotte Olympia. True, Paris does not hold the trademark on the phrase “Ooh La La,” but one certainly thinks “Parisian” when such words are spoken. So as I wear them out and about, once the weather starts to brighten, I’ll look down and be reminded of Paris and a journey that’s never far in the future and never without some exotic adventure in store.

Hint for boys for Valentine’s Day – how about wrapping these up with a note inside that says “Happy Valentine’s Day. How about you wear these today in preparation for this weekend’s romantic adventure to Paris.” Am I too much of a sappy romantic or what? {Charlotte Olympia Ooh La La Flats}


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