Ashish turns roadworks into runway sensations for autumn winter 2013

Ashish is a London Fashion Week favourite for FFG. This is a designer that has me locked in with his love of sequins. Ashish has dressed more celebrities than we can count and has managed to bring back sequins that were greatly celebrated in the eighties and make them relevant again in 2013. This is no easy feat, but Ashish makes it all look like a walk in the park.

From his “The End is Near” tee -perfectly timed for my last show of fashion week – to his workman vest revisited, this is a collection I absolutely loved. I surprise even myself in saying that as the first look was truly something so out of my comfort zone that I nearly broke out in hives. Who would wear a vest that resembles a workman’s vest you can buy for a tenner? Well, Ashish makes you reevaluate all of those first reactions as when you get closer to the garment you see the beautiful combinations of colour with the sequins and a normal everyday pattern becomes a true fashion statement. I’ll never look at road works the same way again.

The statement pieces of the autumn winter 2013 collection were nicely sandwiched between looks that were much more elegant and clean, for those of you not ready to start dressing like the men that keep us held up in traffic. Beautiful jumpsuits, dresses and shawls all covered in sequins made their way down the runway and sparkled in a way that is completely unique to Ashish. I was so pleased to be there to support such a fantastic talent that London gets to call its own.


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