Anya Hindmarch’s 50,000 dominoes and 1,356 cups of tea for the making of autumn winter 2013

For her first runway show, Anya Hindmarch had a working sweets factory. We all wondered how she could top that, but top she did with her moving carousel for spring summer 2013. So what on earth could she do that would top it all for autumn winter 2013? How about 50,000 dominoes set perfectly to fall and reveal the autumn winter collection? Oh, and it doesn’t stop there. After 7,559 man hours, 1,356 cups of tea, 59 pizzas and roughly 523 grey hairs, Anya Hindmarch created a show that would showcase 45 new absolutely stunning handbags. Find me another woman on earth that would go to such lengths to secure a moment to remember for her guests in presenting a new collection. I mean really, people. If 50,000 dominoes and no rehearsals to make sure they all fall correctly doesn’t spell out dedication, I don’t know what does. Although, it must be said that we all held our breath as at one point the dominoes did stop falling. Thank heavens a man was on hand to correct the situation and his timely manner in doing so warranted a round of applause and a few hoots and hollars from the crowd.

The dominoes weren’t the only surprises in store for us on the day. When we arrived in our seats we found that Anya and her team had put together special “Anyagrams” for some of the guests. Everyone received a gift pack to make their own Anygrams, but some of us already had Anyagrams picked out and made into bracelets in our packs. I was stunned to find that Emily Johnston was reworked to write “Join Hot Sly Men.” While I’m not entirely sure what that means, I hope it’s Anya reading my future and that hot men lie ahead. You never know.

It should come as no surprise that Anya Hindmarch once again wins it for “most original” at London Fashion Week and you already know, in my opinion, that she wins it for “best bags” every day of the week.

Congrats to Anya Hindmarch and her whole team on an amazing performance today!

And just in case the pictures aren’t enough (yes, I know they aren’t enough… how could I ever have captured such an amazing event with still photography?), here’s a video of the whole thing…


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