You’ll find John Galliano at Oscar de la Renta’s

Before writing this piece I was a huge fan of Oscar de la Renta. His designs are second to none. His approach to dressing a woman makes me believe he knows me better than I know myself. However, after this morning’s news regarding John Galliano, I not only love Oscar de la Renta the designer, I am completely obsessed with Oscar de la Renta the man.

Let’s start from the beginning. Who could forget John Galliano’s fall from grace in Paris? He was at the top of his game, one of the most respected and cherished designers in the fashion business. He proved also to be the most controversial when his love of alcohol got the best of him and hurtful anti-Semitic remarks were made one night in Paris, all caught on video for the entire world to see. Many screamed “setup” and claimed the big boys behind Dior were looking for a way to push Galliano off his pedestal. Whether prompted or not, Galliano’s words were heard around the world and he took a stumble off the fashion ladder.

Over the past two years his name has popped up here and there. A Christian Dior show has yet to go on without his name being whispered in the crowds. For many, there was no Dior without Galliano. Now the brand has moved on and we’ve all been wondering when we would see this artist pop up again on a runway. With today’s news, we have our first glimmer of hope that John Galliano will return.

Oscar de la Renta has announced that John Galliano will work in his studios leading up to fashion week. What he will be doing exactly is not yet clear. However, Oscar de la Renta is the first in the fashion world to stand up publicly and support Galliano’s efforts towards a return to fashion. That for now, folks, is quite enough.

So today, we take our hats off to Oscar de la Renta. This was certainly a risk. However, I do believe it will reap huge rewards for all parties involved.


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