Spotted: Alicia Vikander carrying Coach at Stockholm Fashion Week

For those who follow FFG on instagram, you will have seen we posted a little bit of a teaser today regarding the aforementioned “spotted.”  Alicia Vikander, actress from Anna Karenina and The Royal Affair, made her way onto the front row for the Dagmar show at Stockholm Fashion Week. As I was admiring her beautiful Dagmar coat, she turned the other direction for a photographer and my eyes were immediately drawn to the leather tote swinging from her arm.

Vikander was carrying none other than the Coach Legacy Archival Bucket Bag. I couldn’t grab my camera fast enough. Do I really need to explain my ongoing obsession with this brand?

Well played, Miss Alicia Vikander, for not only rocking an enviable Swedish coat but also a swoon worthy American classic bag. Love this look.


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