So get this, there’s a handbag museum shaped like a handbag…

Somehow we missed the fact that this past July a handbag museum opened in Seoul, Korea, that is shaped like an actual handbag. How this could have escaped us is beyond comprehension. All I can possibly do is apologize and bring to your attention a marvel in architectural genius. It’s not everyday you see a building in the form of your favourite accessory.

It’s also worth noting that the world will have been newly inspired to visit this special destination as it exists in the now world famous Gangham district of Seoul (making reference here to the worldwide musical hit “Gangham Style by Psy).

So what can you expect to find inside what must surely be the world’s largest handbag? It’s truly an archival treasure trove featuring over 300 handbags dating from the 16th century to present day. I do wonder what they have chosen as the bag to represent 2012… {Simone Handbag Museum / image source}


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