Rooney Mara scores second American Vogue cover

Rooney Mara’s February 2013 American Vogue cover is interesting when compared with her first American Vogue cover. Mara’s first cover came just as she was rocking the world of cinema with her leading role in Girl With a Dragon Tattoo. Mara was what can only be described as “Goth.” Although, it’s still hard to believe that Ralph Lauren, the designer behind her first cover dress, and the word “Goth” would ever go together in any sentence. The November 2011 cover was a hit.

Now, when it comes to the Vogue February 2013 cover, I do wonder if the response will be the same. There’s something missing here and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Perhaps the cover lacks pizazz because there is no real narrative here to draw the buyer into the magazine. Rooney Mara is such an amazing actress and she has plenty to promote with this cover. In fact, the article accompanying the cover would make you dream up a whole new image based purely on how Rooney Mara is described. American Vogue can’t win them all but I do believe there may be a great many disappointed subscribers and Rooney Mara fans with this cover release. {Vogue}


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