Maria Nilsdotter’s magical world of jewellery for autumn winter 2013 from Stockholm Fashion Week

After a few years of exploring the fashion industry from this seat, one tends to think they’ve seen it all when it comes to presentations and runway shows. When you get to this point, the world of fashion has a way of throwing you a curve ball to say, “Hey, we’re not done surprising you yet.” Such was the case as I walked into Maria Nilsdotter‘s presentation for Autumn Winter 2013 yesterday morning.

The presentation was held in Maria Nilsdotter’s new store in the centre of Stockholm’s shopping district. It was a short walk from our hotel but by the time we arrived at the door we were ready for some warmth, any warmth. It was freezing out there. Keeping that in mind, Nilsdotter’s presentation couldn’t have asked for more suitable weather for an indoor presentation. We came out of the cold and into a warm room only to discover a most unexpected scene.

As you walked into the space you were confronted with three nearly nude individuals. The only thing separating you from whole bare flesh were a few nude bits and pieces. No, this wasn’t done in the interest of showing off flesh. The nearly nudes were showing off the masterful work of Maria Nilsdotter’s clever hands. Her jewellery shined in the light and seemed to contain a sort of magical element. That could have had something to do with the fact that the hair styles of the models and the lighting of the room made you feel as if you had entered a parallel universe, but that’s all part of the charm.

This was definitely a presentation to remember and a jewellery designer worth keeping in mind.


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