Kicking myself for not carrying the perfect New Year’s Eve Purse

The thing about social media is it can be both extremely dangerous to both your wallet and jealously levels.. Take New Year’s Eve for example. It’s 11:30pm NYC time and people are tweeting and instagramming away as they prepare for the ball to fall in Times Square. I had believed that my ideas for attire were pretty perfect until I saw a certain purse that was being displayed on more than one stylish feed. The Kate Spade All Hours Stroke of Midnight purse all of the sudden had me completely green with envy. How did I not know this purse existed? This is supposed to be what I do for a living. All at once I felt I had let down you, dear reader, and myself by not making us aware of such a perfect accessory for the night ahead. Well, better late than never. I have purchased this for my 2014 festivities. It will sit in it’s beautiful box until the big day arrives. Plus, I’m feeling quite smug in the fact that it’s the perfect New Year’s Eve purse for only $98.


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