I cut my vegetables on a Kelly Bag

There’s no point beating around the bush here. I rarely cook. In fact, it’s a standing joke that my oven is used for shoe storage rather than creating culinary masterpieces. I may not be a “domestic goddess” but I certainly purchase as if I could be one in my everyday life. Take, for example, the latest addition to my kitchen. This Kelly Bag cutting board will, in reality, never be used. But how often really do you come across a cutting board shaped like an Hermes Kelly Bag? The answer to that question is NEVER. So of course I had to make the purchase. It now lays out on the kitchen counter as if to say, “Yes, a cook lives here.” I won’t tell if you don’t.

I guess this little tell-all of mine explains why you never see me writing about my adventures in the FFG kitchen. Sorry if any of you are disappointed or let down by this. Truly, you don’t want advice from me unless you’re looking for a good take-out! I’m sticking with fashion and leaving the cooking tutorials to those with the serious talent. That doesn’t mean a girl can’t have fun accessorising though.


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