Hockley’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection is so bright you gotta wear shades…

A couple of weeks ago I popped into Hockley London to check out the 2013 Pre-Fall collection (please read why I support Hockley fur and why it’s the only fur I’ll buy in London). I was lucky enough to have the charming creative director, Izzet Ers, walk me through the collection from start to finish. I swear I’m lucky I still have a dime to my name after meeting with this man. His passion for his work is unrivalled in the industry and his talent is one which I admire so.

You may remember for the Spring Summer 2013 collection, Izzet introduced us to some wild colours and patterns with fur. He opened our eyes to the possibilities of colour in fur and that seems to have been but a mere teaser for what was to come. Hockley’s future is so bright you gotta wear shades! For Pre-Fall 2013, we are seeing colours like we have never seen before in fur. They bounce out at you on the hanger, but when put on they instantly bring you to life in a new and unexpected fashion. And the colours aren’t the only surprising element to this collection. There are also some wonderful metallic details, floral embellishments and new types of fur being used.

This is a collection that is, like all Hockley collections before it, one which allows for all levels of buyers to participate, whether you want the chinchilla coat or the rabbit fur hat. It’s what I have treasured about the brand since being introduced to them for the first time last year. Hockley is a fur brand that is both ethical and affordable. I know both words are not usually associated with the fur trade, so you can understand why this is a brand so near and dear to my heart. Now I’m just hoping it’s cold enough at London Fashion Week for me to wear a few pieces.

Sidenote: Check online as Hockley is still holding their winter sale. For those of you that love that Rabbit snood I’ve been wearing around town – it’s on sale too!


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