Farewell Bodey Dog, 2003-2013, the best friend this fashion goose has ever known

For the past three years you have seen Fashion Foie Gras feature numerous pictures of our favourite member of staff: Bodey Dog. He’s been seen helping with posts, modeling the latest fashions and generally pushing me harder in my day to day tasks. He’s been my motivator, my psychologist and my huggy pillow for the almost ten years. Sure, he was paid in pizza crusts and dog biscuits, but I believe he loved every day on the job.

Last week I got the call from mom and dad in South Carolina. It was the call every dog owner dreads. It’s the goodbye call.

I didn’t hesitate for even a moment. I booked a flight to leave London 18 hours later so that I could be there with Bodey for his last days. We spent the weekend together on the coast filling his final hours with visits to his favourite places from the beach to the marsh dock. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look happier or more content.

As I write this I know it’s probably the most personal I’ve ever been on the blog. But I really feel that every time I’ve ever written about Bodey, shared a picture or a special moment, you all have been made more a part of our family. Your comments have warmed my heart over the years and I’ve known that Bodey has played a special part in making a few more people smile with ridiculous instagram photos or cheesy pieces written about his obsession with watching runway shows on youtube.

This afternoon we said goodbye. He drifted away peacefully. We’ve had the same vet my whole life who actually made a house call to help Bodey through to the other side. I honestly don’t believe there’s a harder moment in life than saying goodbye to your best friend. For someone who never said a single word, he comforted me more than any human being ever could.

As I say goodbye I’m taking some time to be with my family and to really say goodbye properly, without worrying about future fashion weeks or overdue reports.

I’m back in London on Wednesday when FFG will resume it’s usual schedule. For now, if you have a pup please give it a squeeze. It’s so hard saying goodbye to these faithful companions and when it’s finally time to do so you wish you had told them a thousand times over how much they meant to you when they were alive.

My aunt shared this video with me that I felt appropriate for a number of reasons. Watch through to the end. Such a beautiful, beautiful video and seems like the right way to really end this.


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