Beyonce’s size 4 wedding dress is for sale online with a $55,000 price reduction

Remember Beyonce’s wedding dress in the video “Best thing I never had”? Just in case you don’t, we’ve pasted the video below. Anyway, said wedding dress worn by the singing sensation has recently made its way onto the internet and it’s for sale.

The Baracci Size 4 wedding gown was picked by Beyonce herself, according to She was on a stroll through Beverly Hills, spotted the $85,000 wedding dress and asked to wear it in the video. Presumably she didn’t then have to pay the magnificent price tag attached to the dress. “Beyonce in Baracci” just slips off the tongue too easily, doesn’t it?

Anyway, this is not the first celebrity to be seen in a Baracci gown. Apparently a Real Housewives cast member has also walked down the aisle in a heavily embellished dress from the designer. That’s truly neither here nor there. The real question is who will buy a wedding dress once worn by Beyonce with a pricetag of $30,000 attached. That’s right… this beauty is for sale with a massive $55,000 discount. Are you tempted?


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