Anthropologie pulls candlesticks after social media storm

Two days ago Jezebel aimed a social missile at Anthropologie regarding an offensive item for sale on their website. The offending candlestick caused quite the reaction from the Jezebel author who writes:

“…it’s your worst nightmare cast into porcelain, Sarah Palin’s house, a mammy from D.C., JFK on a bell (??), and a prop from the King and I.

No, this wasn’t dug out of a bargain bin at an antiques store in Birmingham, it’s a $398 dollar racist candlestick that’s for sale at Anthropologie.

how is the color LIGHT DENIM? And how is it TWO FEET TALL? Just know
that if you used these, your candle would be three feet off your table.

feel like if I saw them at someone’s house, I’d awkwardly be like, “Did
you make these?” And then back out the door, shifting eyes left to
right to make sure a Klan member or a ghost didn’t attack me.”

Wow, no stone left unturned there, eh?  Tell us how you really feel.

Jezebel’s reaction both helped and harmed Anthropologie the moment it was published. Rumour has it their website was flooded with hits… never a bad thing in the online world… but of course their reputation was a bit tarnished on twitter and other social sites. Never fear, as Anthropologie is one of the good guys when it comes to social and they proved themselves as being such by issuing an immediate statement, via Twitter of course.

Aw the power of social media. One moment the bad guy, the next moment you’re the hero who listens to every concern from customers. Gotta love it.


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