A Southern Christmas: The belated story of the how this Fashion Goose spent the holidays

I’ve been back in London for nearly two weeks now and have been working my fingers to the bone. Yet, in the back of my mind, my thoughts are drifting back to the holidays. It doesn’t help that every appointment I have is with someone that follows me on instagram and wants to know where all my Christmas snaps were taken. Secretly I don’t mind them asking at all as there’s nothing I enjoy talking about more than my little secret paradise. 

This is my second Christmas now with my family on an island off the coast of South Carolina in a house we now all call a home. The beauty of the low country is something I know for a fact I will never tire of experiencing. It truly is a magical place where sitting on the front porch of your house is as much of an event as attending the Gucci show in Milan. Only, here in SC there’s always a front row seat with a beautiful view waiting and a hand not far away offering you a glass of sweet iced tea. 

My whole vacation came and went without needing any jackets or sweaters and with not one thought of anything having to do with “what should I wear today” or “do I have time to steal a Starbucks coffee before my next appointment.” This is the slow life that exists for us all to cherish our beautiful surroundings alongside wonderful friends and family. It’s why I will never spend Christmas anywhere else. 

So I wanted to take a “fashion time-out” to share with you a bit of the low country lifestyle and some of the beautiful, random and sometimes hilarious pictures I snapped along the way. (Ps. Excuse all the pictures of our furry little friend, Bodey… I’m a bit obsessed with my best friend. That’s what a long distance pet relationship does to one, you see).

A view from the start of the dock… our sunsets are the most beautiful I have seen.

Christmas lights.

Downtown Beautfort decorates their lamp posts to look like giant candy canes.- Our Christmas tree shows off the ocean influence with seashells and starfish.

S’mores. Nothing’s better in the winter by a warm fire outdoors.

The marsh in all its glory.

Bodey and I, sharing a moment together.

Not a cloud in the sky on most days.

I asked Bodey if he wanted to wish FFG followers a Merry Christmas and I got this look.

At the local supermarket there were Tur-Duc-Hens for sale… no, we did not buy one.

Bode-ster’s never been a big fan of Christmas.

A special note for Santa and Bodey the spoiled dog who will only take the elevator up and down between floors.

Says it all really.

From bright and sunny to battling the wind at sea…

And final, the local specialities… pluff mud pie and gumbo!


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