A day at Daylesford Organic Farm & Spa in Gloucestershire

Last weekend I was given a lovely day out in the country by Mr. FFG. He had arranged for us to get out of smoggy London for 12 hours, take in the fresh air of the country and even planned for a few hours of indulgence at the uber fabulous Daylesford Organic Farm & Spa.  Now I was under strict instructions to just enjoy the day. I was told this was a treat and in no way should be looked at as an opportunity for a Fashion Foie Gras feature. Well, I must admit the idea sounded like a good one at the time, but once I had a good look at my surroundings I decided it would be unjust not to share a sneak peek at this country retreat.

The Daylesford farm is located about an hour and half outside of London in Gloucestershire.  It’s a fully functioning farm that provides fresh milk, meat, produce and more. Basically anything you can think of for fresh food, they have it here. It’s all beautifully packaged and laid out before you in a away that is so enticing you can’t help but drop £100 before you make it from the cheese room to the butcher’s table. But the fresh food and attached restaurant are only the beginning of this fabulous compound in the country. In surrounding buildings there is a cooking school, a shop full of Bamford clothing (cashmere to die for) and an area for swoon worthy kitchen accessories and decorations. Then there’s the Daylesford Spa.

The Daylesford Spa is a place to take a proper time out. Even if you were just to sit in the waiting area for 30 minutes, I think you’d find you have forgotten every worry you have ever had. The view is second the none and the decor is just right so as not to be too intruding when it comes to the natural surroundings. I felt truly blessed to witness the glorious sunset from the spa as the massive glass windows allow for a perfect view as the sky changes from grey to orangey-pink over the rolling hills. If I all the sudden sound sappy and romantic, I blame Daylesford. What can I say? I’m a sucker for beautiful spaces and memorable moments.

And this won’t be my last visit. We’ve already booked another day for the first weekend in February…


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