Burger King's eyeshadow burger ad?

posted on: Friday, 30 March 2012

Here's a challenge for all you makeup tutorial bloggers... recreate this! Burger King has created an ad in the Netherlands which shows an eye transformed with eyeshadow to look like a classic Burger King burger! It's absolutely genius and is now making us all hungry for a whopper! Job done... 

Oh and we could totally see someone trying to replicate this. If you do...send in a pic. That'll be worth a story. {Image Jezebel via Buzzfeed}

The perfect gift for your best girlfriend

One of my best childhood friends is getting married this summer and I have found myself searching frantically online for that perfect gift that will simply say "our friendship means more to me than words can ever say." I'm also quite sentimental as I like the idea of my friend having something that she can always look at and remember that somewhere someone on earth loves her very much...even if I am 3,500 miles away. This is where Kate Spade comes in. I have discovered a bracelet from KS that says it all so perfectly that I have already given in and sent one to my best friend of all time... my mother. While the bangle bracelet is marketed as a bridesmaid gift, it is one that is truly applicable to any woman in your life who you love and adore. It's $58, and will be the best $58 you have ever spent in saying "you are my best friend." Sorry to get sentimental on you all... but this truly is one of the most special items I have discovered this year.

Clements Ribeiro for Evans campaign images

Shop the Clements Ribeiro Collection for Evans online from tomorrow morning, 31 March 2012!

Jennifer Aniston covers Marie Claire Australia 2012

Jennifer Aniston is Marie Claire Australia's chosen cover girl for may 2012. The actress is working an enviable tan paired with an orange sweater dress and some seriously fabulous chunky jewelry. It's a good look and one we wish we could emulate....if only the sun would stay out in London! Come on weekend... {Image: Marie Claire Australia}

Carolyn Murphy covers Harper’s Bazaar Turkey April 2012

Carolyn Murphy covers Harper's Bazaar Turkey for April 2012 in Louis Vuitton. Now if you are thinking this looks familiar you aren't far off track. A similar ensemble was seen on Alexa Chung for the cover of Elle.

Kate Moss carries Stella McCartney Falabella Clutch

posted on: Thursday, 29 March 2012

Kate Moss was out and about in North London today rocking the coloured trouser trend with a Stella McCartney Black Falabella clutch in hand. The clutch, priced at £454, is a celebrity favourite. In fact I think I've seen the Falabella on more celebs than any other bag this year. Whether the large bag or the smaller clutch, the elite can't get enough. Can you blame them? It's gorgeous!

First Look: Madonna's Truth or Dare Fragrance Commercial

Here we go guys, your first look at the commercial for Madonna's new fragrance Truth or Dare. The full spot will debut on the Macy's Herald Square jumbotron in NYC on April 2nd, 2012 and will start airing on television sets from April 3rd. I'm sure you'll recognize the song in the background-  it's a remix of Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild." And wild she certainly is for this fragrance commercial. It's all set in black and white and shot by the talented Mert & Marcus at Pier 59 Studios in New York City.

Director’s Credit: Mert Alas
Creative Credit: Fabien Baron

Presenting the doggie designer duo taking the fashion world by storm

A few weeks ago I found myself walking around the Start boutique with owner Brix Smith-Start in East London. I was having a browse around the store as I had heard that it was one of the best in London when it came to designer goods and of course as it's owned by Brix Smith-Start and her husband, I knew this could be nothing less than a fashion lover's paradise. I certainly was not disappointed. 

However, something funny happened as we were talking through pieces downstairs in the basement. I pulled out a shearling gilet and exclaimed, "who is this designing duo Gladys & Pixie?!. This is an amazing piece!"?  Brix smiled and pointed to her toes where two beautiful pugs were resting and said "Gladys and Pixie". Yes, dear reader, she was referring to said pugs that were lazying about like fashion divas nestling into her Acne jacket. As I looked down upon the sweet faces before me their eyes met mine as if to say, "Yes, we do dabble in design when we're not sitting front row on the catwalk with mommy." 

You may all remember that Gladys was named the official canine correspondent for Mercedes during London Fashion Week. She had a press pass and all and was marched straight to the front row for each show she attended. As I sat second or third row watching with jealousy I must say she carried herself in the most groomed and composed manner. I was impressed and my jealousy melted away to be replaced with nothing but love for this little ball of goodness.

So truly it is no surprise to me that one of the most fashionable women and shop owners, Brix Smith-Start, has two dogs that design an exclusive line for her shop, Start. Each season they release a collection just as other designer duos such as Dolce & Gabbana do. For autumn winter they had beautiful cashmere sweaters, luxurious gloves and of course that gorgeous shearling gilet I was telling you about. And I have a little secret. As I was twirling around in my new camel coloured Gladys & Pixie shearling gillet, I crouched down and whispered into Glady's ear, "any chance of one of these for my spring summer wardrobe?"  And guess what... little Gladys & Pixie have now released a pale pink gilet!

Happy 48th Bday Elle Macpherson!

Christie's Green Auction returns with plenty of fashion finds up for grabs...

Christie's Green Auction will be celebrating it's third year in 2012 with a blockbuster auction of celebrity meet and greets, customized fashion items and rather strange lots like Cameron Diaz recording your voicemail message for you on your phone. This year, the auction will aim to raise millions of dollars for water conservatory charities with generous donations of goods for auction from personalities and companies around the world. From a fashion perspective, there is plenty up for grabs including one off Stella McCartney and Bottega Veneta bags, a shopping spree with Simon Doonan, a one week paid internship with Donna Karan and much more. The auction starts today and will run through April 19th. Visit Charitybuzz is check out the full offering.

Urban Decay launches "Build your own Palette" for eyeshadows...

Last night I sat down with Urban Decay and some of the UK's top beauty bloggers for an introduction to a new concept for the brand - "Build Your Own Palettes".  We all gathered around a table at Aqua where we were first introduced to our very own Urban Decay cocktails - see below to what's in the Fashion Foie Gras-Hopper (and in case you are wondering.. "Gras" does not in fact sound like "Grass"... but I get what they were doing there). The cocktail was absolutely delicious and you must try it next time you are in Aqua!

It must be said that we were invited to dinner but it was under the disguise of just getting together. When we arrived at the table we found Urban Decay had another plan. Earlier in the week we were quizzed over our favourite colours for Urban Decay eyeshadows. Frankly, I love them all so much I couldn't possibly choose but in the end I narrowed it down to Midnight Cowboy, Sell out, Snakebite, Buck and Toasted. Now I'd just like to take a minute here to say that Urban Decay has the best names in the business for their colours. Honestly, I would love the job of naming each one! Incredible! Perhaps one day they'll produce a Fashion Foie Gras (would it be the colour of goose feathers?)?  

So where did our colour choices come in? Well, when we sat down, our table settings each had our names and a special palette presentation. It was the BYOP (Build Your Own Palette) and it contained all of the colours we had chosen.  There was also a fantastic mirror, a Good Karma Shadow Brush and the perfect nude shadow which is exclusive to the palette. I spent this morning trying out my combinations and I couldn't be happier. And now I am going to be a little more adventurous and grab some brighter colours. That's the lovely part of the palette, the lack of commitment needed. You can change in and out however often you'd like for travel, etc.  The palette itself is £14 and each colour is also £14. For those of you that use Urban Decay you know a little goes a long way and this will last you forever so personally I think this is a very reasonable price.

Claudia Schiffer for Guess... 1989 and 2012!

I swear there was something in the Evian that models were drinking back in the 1980s. None of the supers seemed to have aged a day since their big campaign days over two decades ago. I'll prove my point with the latest images of Claudia Schiffer for Guess. Guess is celebrating 30 years as a leading brand and they've brought Claudia back in to model the collection for the campaign. After modelling for them in 1989, Claudia returns 23 years later to star in their present day campaign in 2012. How is it even possible that she doesn't look even one year older?!

Presenting the Kenco coffee bag... absolute genius marketing!

The other night I was sitting at a table of PRs and I had to stop everything to ask about a handbag that was sitting proudly on the table, distracting me from my conversation.  Imagine my surprise when I was told it was a bag that was created by Kenco Millicano coffee with Project D! Are you serious?! That's the most brilliant thing I have ever heard. Basically Kenco have launched a new instant coffee that is meant to fit perfectly in handbags for women on the go. So to get the word out about the new product, they commissioned Dannii Minogue and Tabitha Somerset Webb of Project D to create an absolutely lush bag - the K Bag.  

When I say lush, I mean lush! It's a snakeskin print black leather (swoon) with metal studs (I think you know about my obsession).  It's also got a very cool detachable stylish clutch within that allows for Kenco Millicano devotee to easily transition from day to night!

And now I have a problem as I wanted to buy one (available exclusively on my-wardrobe for £250)...but they have already gone into back order. What did I tell you? Totally an "it" bag.... and to think it all started with a new coffee product... amazing!

Comments from the peanut (or coffee in this case) gallery:

  • Project D say: “We are really excited to be working with Kenco Millicano to create our first ever luxury handbag. It combines all the things any woman needs and wants in one handbag whilst being chic and beautiful. It’s perfect for busy women like ourselves and allows you to be prepared for every occasion – work or play!”
  • Emma Dixon, Kenco says: “We are really proud to have created the ultimate “K Bag” with Project D in association with Kenco Millicano. The latest trend in handbags for our latest trend in coffee! The interior pouch is perfect for our small in size and individually wrapped, stick packs, the must-have addition to any coffee lover’s handbag, especially the “K Bag” which is complete with a stylish detachable clutch designed especially for your favourite portable coffee – the perfect partnership!”

Brooklyn Decker wears Stella McCartney for London visit...

Brooklyn Decker tweeted an interesting style shot yesterday while promoting her film Battleship in London. Seems Decker was looking to reproduce her poster pose in a comic moment. However, there's just something about that seriously gorgeous Stella McCartney dress that doesn't allow her to look as "rough and ready" as she does for taking on the "battle for earth." On a style note... does that Stella dress make Brooklyn's arms and shoulders look amazing or what?!

Christina Hendricks covers Easy Living May 2012

Mad Men has just started a new season in the USA and once again Christina Hendricks is all anyone can talk about. This curvy creature is absolutely brilliant and picture perfect on all magazine covers she has graced. Her latest glossy appearance is for Easy Living May 2012 where she talks about dressing for your shape and gives us a look at some of her favourite pieces currently filling her wardrobe.

Coach bag love... hello Bleecker Striped Canvas Tote!

Thank goodness my Fashion Foie Gras Tote for Coach can't read my blog as if it could it would see that I am about to commit the worst sort of bag adultery possible. I've designed my very own tote for Coach and yet I'm still salivating all over my keyboard as I am introduced to the Bleecker Striped Canvas Tote. Oh dear handbag Gods...why have you done this to me? This gorgeous creature must be mine! But I'll have to sneak it around town like some sort of ashamed mistress. I'm not going to lie here. It will feel good...oh so good... to have this bag swinging from my shoulder filled with all my worldly possessions. However, I am scared of bringing it back to the US with me as I know for a fact my mother will steal it right from underneath my nose...

Rosie Huntington Whiteley covers Vogue Brazil April 2012

Wowsers! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks absolutely flawless for the cover of Vogue Brazil April 2012. There's something about that dark green background that really makes this cover jump out at you. It's a colour we don't see very often but one which works fabulously for bringing out Rosie's flawless skin and elaborate attire. A beautiful cover and a new favourite for April...

My-Wardrobe Autumn Winter 2012 Press Preview

Yesterday I popped into the My-Wardrobe autumn winter 2012 press day in central London. I can only tell you I'm going to be in a world of hurt when it comes to these beauties being stocked online. I am absolutely in love. From the Acne shearling coat to the Aila bags I couldn't be more excited about what's to come. Here's a look at what will be your online shopping heaven for next season...

Jolin Tsai covers Vogue Taiwan April 2012 in Burberry

I'm not sure if you guys have noticed but I've really been trying to put as many foreign covers up these days as possible. Everyone can see glossies for their own country on shelves when they go to their local news outlet or even supermarket. But not everyone in the world has the opportunity to see Jolin Tsai on the cover of Vogue Taiwan wearing Burberry (unless you're reading this from Taiwan). I just love how small it makes the world seem that a famed British brand takes centre stage on a magazine that is another world away and not only that, it's a look which truly does work across any country. And of course that an American blogger living in London is getting to write about it. Small world, people...very small world.

Baptiste Giabiconi dating Katy Perry?

posted on: Wednesday, 28 March 2012

This weekend the twitter relationship rumours heated up big time as Baptiste Giabconi tweeted a picture of himself with rumoured love interest Katy Perry. Every since the Chanel show in February, rumours have been flying everywhere that Baptiste Giabconi and Katy Perry are an official couple. Now we know better than to take any of this too seriously as two people have a coffee together these days and end up on the cover of a magazine with the title "Marriage in the cards for X and Y."  However, I have a theory that Baptiste may be enjoying the extra attention, hence adding fuel to the fire with this twitpic. His marketing machine is working in overdrive...and why shouldn't it? The boy knows how to work the media...

Jennifer Lawrence covers Rolling Stone

She's here, there and everywhere and now Jennifer Lawrence can add the cover of Rolling Stone to her resume. For the soon to be released issue, Lawrence is shot in California in a classic jeans and a t-shirt ensemble. The issue hits stands on the 30th of March. Read an excerpt from the interview on Rollingstone.com now.

Anya Hindmarch Autumn Winter 2012 Preview

 I'm not so sure there is much to say that I haven't already said when it comes to my adoration of the Anya Hindmarch Collection for Autumn Winter 2012. After visiting the preview today I can only say that I fell in love even more. The show itself was a marvel but seeing the collection in person you really come away with a complete picture of perfection. From the design to the final product packaging, Anya Hindmarch has put together a collection that will have every woman wishing for Anya underneath their tree come Christmas (if you can stand to wait that long). Here's a look at some of the highlights...